Laserskin (2015)


Print by Laser engraving machine

Construction: Richi Owaki

Performance: RIchi Owaki, Kyoko Ifuku


Exhibition history:

Association Culturelle France-Japonaise de TENRI  (Paris FR 2015)

6pieces set | T12mm(3pice x4mm) x W200mm x H600mm | Acrylic (Laser engraving), LED white tape light


Lasers created these sculptures. This work goes beyond the single moment of trapping a picture in two dimensions, and even further beyond the heavy mass of things and movements that the sculptures capture. If you stop a moving body, the movement disappears; only the heavy body remains. I wanted to capture the volume of the motion without any mass. I used laser engraving technique, which is the work of the light particles, to create this art. The technique for creating these sculptures basically uses the same mechanism as digital printing.