WORKS-[B]CHIKUHA (dance unit);


works-[B]CHIKUHA (dance unit);
CHIKUHA | ちくは 「A Dance Pattern Language」 ダンス・パタン・ランゲージ + ちくはアニュアル展 annual exhibition
CHIKUHA | ちくは「A Dance Pattern Language」ダンス・パタン・ランゲージ253 自分を語る小物 A Dance Pattern Language 253 things from your life
CHIKUHA | ちくは 「barrier free」 バリアフリー



Chikuha Profile

A dance unit with volunteer dancers and actors from various genres in Yamaguchi prefecture in 2004. Chikuha means a fish cake without axis, representing a group with no leader and no axis: the origin of the group name. In 2006, we held an exhibition called Dance Pattern Language + Performance in Yamaguchi Center of Art and Media, intending to bring dance into Pattern Language made for architecture. The works reached beyond performing arts stage works into installations, movies and publications. Stopped in 2011.

The second work of the Dance Pattern Language series. The last and 253rd pattern of the Pattern Language is titled “small things that tell your story.” The pattern focused mainly on photo frames which individual memory is condensed into. This work uses motifs of a human body after the 253rd pattern, focusing on dancers’ inner body perceptions, producing patterns. This is my proposal for a new dance choreography method that anyone can use and choreograph dances with.

We put a huge balloon inside the exhibition area. Performance took place inside the space as if you entered into a space filled with skin of the internal organs of giants. The balloons have prongs and are the dance spaces and sheets to the audiences. These prongs functioned as costumes and stage art.


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