“assemblage” ver.0.2

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Film installation:
5min | 1080 30p | SonyHDR-TD10(1080p-3D)
Shooting and editing: Richi Owaki
Performance: RIchi Owaki
2015 | Association Culturelle Franco-Japonaise de TENRI / Paris. France

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This work examines sculpture issues from a dance perspective.

Why has sculpture hidden itself from the high road to installation forms, as if the installations have taken over the sculpture work places…

Sculpture has only had abstract themes for the last 100 years. Humans have focused on thinking about human beings: how to perceive and materialize the volume. We seem to have forgotten this long-term discussion.

I have re-approached this issue from a performance point of view with my movie shooting techniques.

The assemblage technique that Rodin had approached was to create each of the body parts individually, assemble them together and finally create one statue with all the parts together.

In shooting movies, we pay considerable attention to avoid having the camera or crew captured in the movie. This preserves objectivity in the movie; if the camera or crew is captured, the movies gain subjectivity; this is a matter of movie language.

In this work, we shot everything by moving the camera around, to displace the existing movie language. We also painted the background black, set mirrors on the wall and shot with a selfie stick to eliminate depth and gravity. In addition, we used a 3D camera to create volume, which is an important issue for the sculpture.

The object of this work is to reconstruct and illuminate the separated body parts into one body image.

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