[Installation] skinslides 2009-2015

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Honorary Mentions | Prix Ars Electronica, Interactive Art+, 2018 (Linz, Austria 2018)
Art Prize The Grand Priz | Jaguar Asia Tech, Art Taipei 2015 (Taipei TW 2015)
Art Division Jury’s selection | 16th Japan Media Arts Festival (Tokyo JP 2012)

Construction: Richi Owaki
Performance: Alessio Silvestrin
Sound: Otomo Yoshihide
Programming: Satoshi Hama (YCAM InterLab),
Technical support: YCAM InterLab

Conceived as an “interface for a permanent preservation of the dancer’s movements,” this video dance piece is based on the novel idea of producing images and sound first, and subsequently programming a data-choreography out of the single elements.
Three displays are embedded in the venue’s floor, while sensors detect the visitor’s movements. The displays show vivid projections of the contact points with the floor of an improvising dancer, and by moving around in the exhibition space, the visitor adds an element of chance to the generated sequences of footage on the displays. (All the sequences are consisted by five parts of scenes, which includes 55 footages.)The soundtrack is composed of the sounds of the body movements and of their contacts with the floor, and music performed by Otomo Yoshihide based on footage of body movements.

About the system This work consists of three projected images, and an additional one that the computer program calculates with. The three connected images are displayed in the form of projections and sounds in the exhibition space, while the fourth is available as a sound channel only in the adjacent patios on both sides of the exhibition space. Here the visitor can try and imagine the fourth, non- visualized image while listening to the soundtrack. Further, the sequences of images and sounds on each display follow rules based on Fibonacci numbers, and are at once determined by the dancers movements, sounds, and other uncertain data for the sake of variety and diversity.
(A special set was built for the works visual components, which were ゙lmed in hi-vision in order to visualize the dancers subtle movements and gravity on the floor.)
Systems and software used for the development/production: openFrameworks, Processing, MAX/MSP.


コンピュータ制御プログラムは、openFrameworks, Processing,MAX/MSPによって書かれています。