For this piece, we created a language that combines verbs and particles in order to experiment with “Interactment” as a new communication method. First, the audience chose a pre-selected verb as a particle, and based on the verb, we came up with movement parts. Then, by examining the combination of each part, the movement was constructed as a play on words. This piece is a performance that showcases the choreography itself.

While most dances aim for a clean and clear focus on the nuances of simple particles, in this piece, the subtle nuances of the particles themselves were layered in a complex way. This piece was performed a total of three times, and in the final performance, an attempt was made to create a sense of unity between the audience and the stage by having the audience and “breath” together aloud.

Performance | 29-30Sep2023 | StudioIMAICHI [Yamaguchi/JP]
振付: 観客の皆さん+大脇理智
パフォーマンス: 大脇理智
インターアクトメントの習作 1,2,3 (20min)


“随意と不随意の境界線を眩く”(co-works: Jareo Osamu, Sinichiro Kumagai )

Part 1 砂連尾理のアイディアをめぐって
ゲスト :熊谷晋一郎(小児科医・当事者研究)

Jareo Osamu, Sinichiro Kumagai ” The 3rd 超連結クリエイション 3人の振付家・演出家が挑戦する、未来のダンスの発明!!, Part 1『随意と不随意の境界線を眩く』”
2016.1.24 | Kyoto Arts Theater studio21/ Kyoto, JAPAN