[Performance/Installation] わける手順 わすれる技術 analyze to forget 2014

Exhibition / Performance
Construction & Performance: Megumi Kamimura, Shinichi Takashima, Richi Owaki
N3 ART Lab | Yamaguchi, JP
4Oct2014 | Ongoing FES 2014, Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo JP)
26July,2014 | Artist residence in Studio IMAICHI, N3 ART Lab (Yamaguchi JP)
27July – 28Aug,2014 | Artist residence in Studio IMAICHI, N3 ART Lab (Yamaguchi JP)

Nine day residential work with Shinichi Takashima, an artist, and Megumi Kawamura, a choreographer.

Process to divide; technique to forget is a study to examine the learning process. We focused on a primitive level of perceptive understanding, going beyond the simple process of dividing information. Once you remember a body technique, you can repeat that action without noticing; in a paradoxical example, you cannot remember what it is to be unable to ride a bicycle once you have archived the action. Therefore, in order to learn new things, we need to forget what we unconsciously can.

The Yamaguchi version of the presentation performance consisted of A. taking out the world from the mouth cavity and B. technifying mistakes; in the Tokyo version we added a prologue, which was touch/without space, and C. the learning process.

In A. taking out the world from the mouth cavity, we put detailed materials into the mouth, which has the most perceptive sensors in the body; by feeling them on the tongue, we created modern dance body expressions.

In B. technifying mistakes, we learned three movements, cartwheels, Pas De Chat and moving your ears, from those who are unskilled at them. We deconstructed the mistaken movements and found other perspectives on the mistakes by shooting the movements with a high-speed camera.

In C. learning process, we represented each of our three significant movements.

Having different backgrounds, each one has presented one theme that the other two learned and understood by their definitions; the presenter restudied the theme after the other two have answered concerning their themes.


表題である「わける手順 わすれる技術」とは、学習のプロセスを主題とする試みで、ここでは単純な手続きとしての「分ける=分かる」ではなく、プリミティヴなレベルでの感覚・知覚的に「わかる」とはなにかが課題として取り組まれた。一度覚えてしまった身体技術は無意識にできるようになってしまう。一度自転車に乗れると乗れなかったことを思い出せなくなる、というように。そこで新しく学ぶには、無意識にできることを忘れる技術が必要である。

プレゼンテーションパフォーマンスは、山口版では「A, 口腔から世界を取り出す」「. B, 失敗の技術化」 の2章から構成され、東京版では「プロローグ, 触る・空間がない」「C, 学習のプロセス」がこれらに追加された。

「A, 口腔から…」では身体の感覚の中でも最も感度が高い口腔内に様々なディテールの物体を入れ、それを舌で感じることで表現主義的な身体表現を目指した。

「 B, 失敗の技術化」では3種類の動き、側転、パ・ドゥ・シャ(バレエのステップの一つ)、耳を動かす、を、一般的には下手な人からその技術を習う。高速度カメラを用いて、運動を解体し失敗に潜む別の視点を見つけ出した。