AliAreaArt” is a term coined by combining “Alien,” “Area,” and “Art. It generally corresponds to an installation, but also includes spatial extensions that include the metaverse (virtual space) of the XR era in its scope.





For this piece, we created a language that combines verbs and particles in order to experiment with “Interactment” as a new communication method. First, the audience chose a pre-selected verb as a particle, and based on the verb, we came up with movement parts. Then, by examining the combination of each part, the movement was constructed as a play on words. This piece is a performance that showcases the choreography itself.

While most dances aim for a clean and clear focus on the nuances of simple particles, in this piece, the subtle nuances of the particles themselves were layered in a complex way. This piece was performed a total of three times, and in the final performance, an attempt was made to create a sense of unity between the audience and the stage by having the audience and “breath” together aloud.

Performance | 29-30Sep2023 | StudioIMAICHI [Yamaguchi/JP]
振付: 観客の皆さん+大脇理智
パフォーマンス: 大脇理智
インターアクトメントの習作 1,2,3 (20min)


2023,11,16 BAR印度洋_琵琶とモーキャプパフォーマンス


イベント名: 妖精ドラびでお西日本ツアー
会場: BAR印度洋(山口県防府市)
仕様テキスト: 弓流し
システム: Ableton Live 11, motion device WAVE, Looper-Dittox4, Sony MOCOPI
モーションキャプチャープログラム: 中上淳二