AliAreaArt” is a term coined by combining “Alien,” “Area,” and “Art. It generally corresponds to an installation, but also includes spatial extensions that include the metaverse (virtual space) of the XR era in its scope.


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The Other in You わたしの中の他者


[Performance] インターアクトメントの習作 2023

[Performance] 薩摩琵琶+モーションキャプチャーパフォーマンス 2023

[XR-content] ニュー花笠音頭 2022

[VR-content] Connected Dreams” 接続された夢 2020

[VR-content] The Other in You わたしの中の他者 2018

[Workshop] Visual enhancement workshop 視覚を拡張するワークショップ 2014-2015

[Film] assemblage ver.0.2 2015

[Presentation] “machines to observe myself” ダンスする内触覚的宇宙の開発 2015

[Installation] わける手順 わすれる技術 analyze to forget 2014

[Installation] undermaps 2014

[Film] ひきだされたなげだし Hikidasareta-Nagedasi 2013

[Installation] skinslides 2009-2015

[Performance] ちくは バリアフリーBarrier-free 2010-2011

[Performance] ちくは “A Dance Pattern Language”253 things from your life “ダンス・パタン・ランゲージ”自分を語る小物253 2007

[Performance] Sences in a Pocket 2007

[Performance] 私は私を観ることができない I cannot watch me. 2007 | A performance with the acceleration sensor. 2005

[Installation/Performance] ちくは A Dance Pattern Language ダンス・パタン・ランゲージ 2006

[Space] スタジオイマイチ Studio IMAICHI 2007-2023

[Company] ダンスユニットちくは Dance unit CHIKUHA 2004-2011

[Performance] A performance with the acceleration sensor.2005

[Film] CRACKERS 2004

[Installation/Performance] kepler 2000

[Film] 鉛の匙 Spoon of lead 1996

[Film] よだかの星 The Nighthawk Star 1995