RAM Dance Toolkit Tutorial Video 2017

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This is a video tutorial produced for the workshop “RAM CAMP in Kyoto” offered at KYOTO EXPERIMENT Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival 2017. You can study the outline of the workshop. Tutorials #05#06 can be used universally for creating choreography for dance using motion capture.

KYOTO EXPERIMENT京都国際舞台芸術祭2017で開講されたワークショップ「RAM CAMP in Kyoto」のために制作されたビデオチュートリアルです。ワークショップの概要が勉強できます。チュートリアル#05#06はモーションキャプチャーを使ったダンスのための振り付けの創作に汎用的に使用できます。

01 Intro

RAM Dance Toolkit Tutorial_#01en

02 Set up

#2_set up It does not work on 64-bit.

03,04 Demonstration Videos

Introduction to RAM Dance Toolkit application
Introduction to coding with RAM Dance Toolkit

05 (Prep) How to generate movement with “rules”.

RAM Dance Toolkit Tutorial_#05en

06 Hands on with RAM Dance Toolkit

RAM Dance Toolkit Tutorial_#06en

Culture City of East Asia 2017 Kyoto: Exchange Program
KYOTO EXPERIMENT Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival 2017
Developed and Directed by YCAM InterLab, Yoko Ando
Lecturer: YCAM InterLab (Mitsuhito Ando, Takayuki Ito, Richi
Owaki, Akiko Takeshita, Clarence Ng),
Kenta Kojiri, Motoi Shimizu (backspacetokyo)
Guest lecturer: Laura Kriefman, David Haylock
Coordinator: Xu Zhang, Jooyoung Koh, Kyoko Ifuku
Interpreter: Hyojung Seo
KYOTO EXPERIMENT Program Director: Yusuke Hashimoto

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