[news]”The Other in You” Prix Ars Electronica2018 | interactive art + | Awarded Honorary Mention

[news]”The Other in You” exhibition | ICC | open space 2018

The Other in You ―わたしの中の他者

[news]”The Other In You” DIGICULT

[news]“The Other in You” YCAM

“The Other in You” Storyboard

Jareo Osamu, Sinichiro Kumagai “随意と不随意の境界線を眩く”

[news]”The Other In You” BLOUIN ARTINFO

[news]”skinsleides” Grand Prize at JAGUAR ASIA TECH ART PRIZE x 2015 Art Taipei

[news]Visual enhancement workshop | Good neighbors jamboree 2015

[news]Parent-child exhibition | Association Culturelle Franco-Japonaise de TENRI

assemblage ver.0.2

[news]Presentation | machines to observe myself ダンスする内触覚的宇宙の開発 | The 18th Japan Media Arts Festival

Analyze to Forget / わける手順 わすれる技術_Ver.1.2

[news]”skinslides” posted in the newspaper

Analyze to Forget / わける手順 わすれる技術_Ver.1

ひきだされたなげだし Hikidasareta-Nagedasi

Ryuichi Sakamoto + Taylor Deupree “THE OPENING LIVE CONCERT”

Sachiko M + Ryuichi Sakamoto “snow, silence, partially sunny”

Seiko Mikami “Eye Tracking Informatics”

skinslides ver.1.4

A performance with the acceleration sensor.

Seiko Mikami “Desire of Codes”





鉛の匙 Spoon of lead